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9. 德国

All the Lights by Clemens Meyer
Meyer strikes the tone of our harsh times, and finds the grace notes, the bright lights shining in the dark. A man bets all he has on a horserace to pay for an expensive operation for his dog. Old friends talk all night after meeting up by chance. She imagines their future together...

10. 以色列

Blooms of Darkness by Aharon Appelfeld
In this powerful novel from award-winning Israeli writer Appelfeld, two discarded souls form an unlikely bond in the chaos of occupied Ukraine during WWII. When the Jews are being rounded up, 11-year-old Hugo's mother hides him with her childhood friend, Mariana, a prostitute in a brothel. Locked in a closet every night, Hugo hears Mariana at work and disappears into dreams and visions about his family and friends.

11. 新西兰

Once Were Warriors by Alan Duff
Once Were Warriors is Alan Duff's harrowing vision of his country's indigenous people two hundred years after the English conquest. In prose that is both raw and compelling, it tells the story of Beth Heke, a Maori woman struggling to keep her family from falling apart, despite the squalor and violence of the housing projects in which they live. Conveying both the rich textures of Maori tradition and the wounds left by its absence, Once Were Warriors is a masterpiece of unblinking realism, irresistible energy, and great sorrow.

12. 中国

Banished! by Han Dong
It is 1969 and China is in the throes of the Cultural Revolution. The Taos face exile with stoicism and teach their son to embrace reeducation wholeheartedly. Is this simple pragmatism, an attempt to protect the boy and ensure his future? Or do the banished cadres really cling to their belief in their leaders and the ideals of the Revolution? These questions remain tantalizingly unanswered in this prize-winning novel.

13. 希腊

Kassandra and the Wolf by Margarita Karapanou
Kassandra and the Wolf is a short, muscular novel with an absolute sense of craft. The language throughout is merciless and crisp. A stunning achievement: a lovely, sinister book.

14. 爱尔兰

Ulysses by James Joyce
Ulysses has been labeled dirty, blasphemous, and unreadable. Virginia Woolf was moved to decry James Joyce's "cloacal obsession." None of these adjectives, however, do the slightest justice to the novel.
To this day it remains the modernist masterpiece, in which the author takes both Celtic lyricism and vulgarity to splendid extremes. Even the verbal vaudeville of the final chapters can be navigated with relative ease, as long as you're willing to be buffeted, tickled, challenged, and (occasionally) vexed by Joyce's sheer command of the English language.